Ghost of Halloween Past

Welcome, foolish mortals, to the haunted mansion... Okay, not mansion, more like modest home... Actually, it’s not that haunted this year either. So, just ‘welcome’, I guess.

I enjoy Halloween, maybe more than any 40+ year-old guy ought to, but I couldn't quite muster the energy to do much about it this year. Between the pandemic and an early snowfall, my seasonal spirit is just another thing 2020 has managed to dampen (and freeze).

The sum total of my decorating this year is one un-carved pumpkin and one fibre-glass jack-o-lantern.  Not my usual style.  This was last year:

I was proud of it, the digital illusions were done using AtmosFX products the remaining items were sourced locally or hand made.  I  had full intentions of doing more this year but, like some Scrooge come two-months early, I embraced my inner miser.  

Hopefully this visit with the ghosts of Halloween past gives me the push for an amazing next year!


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