Loving That Wet Dog Smell

I don't think my dogs, Cooper and Murphy, are ever happier than when they are at the cabin, soaking wet and exhausted — they love to dive, swim and fetch. I suppose, as Labrador retrievers, they are exercising some kind of biological imperative with every ‘rescue’.  Their ancestors worked these shores as fishing dogs helping to bring in nets. While I think very highly of my dogs, I don’t think they are ready for employment. They are much better suited to a life of leisure.

To support their recreation, I try to take them to cabin as often as possible but, truthfully, it never happens as much as I'd like and certainly not as much as they would like.  I will try to do better.

Cooper as a wet puppy.

Cooper took to the water instantly and was diving off the wharf from puppy-hood.  It took Murphy, my black lab, a few seasons to work up the courage to jump but, as you can see from this video, he's finally nailed it.

When you see how much they love the water it’s hard to begrudge them the opportunity. Truthfully, it’s kind of infectious.  It’s hard to stare down that kind of happiness and not feel a spring in your own step. So I’ve gladly embraced damp dog-shaped spots on the floor and the smell of a wet dog only makes me smile. 


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