Dog Talk and The Art of Listening

I have THE best conversations with my dogs.
  And I don’t mean just a word here and there.  I have full-on discussions and I say, well, whatever I’m thinking. They’re dogs, they're not going to judge.  I’d like to tell you I manage to keep this behaviour confined to the privacy of my home but that isn’t true.  I’ve caught myself chatting away when we walk around the neighbourhood.
I probably have a reputation.

These dog conversations are not remotely one-sided, either.  In fact, the best part may be the dogs’ response. They’re not verbal responses, of course, I’m not delusional.

Instead of words, my dogs effectively mirror my energy and emotion.  If I’m happily chatting, they are playful.  if I’m low-key, I get a head rested gently on my lap.  I think they have one of the hardest aspects of communication knocked.  They listen.  They just listen and stay present in the moment.

When I talk, unless I’m asking for solutions, that’s not what I want.  I don’t want someone to solve my problems. I want to be heard. I want to know that someone shares my joy, is willing to meet my sadness or recognizes my worry.  My dogs seem to do that effortlessly, intuitively.

It’s just another way they are better than people.


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