In Heavy Rotation: Ian Foster's Voyager

Go ahead, stage an intervention, but I'm not taking Ian Foster's new song, Voyager, off repeat any time soon. 

Foster has crafted a track that is beautiful, thoughtful and intriguing.1  It is, on its surface, a message to the Voyage space probe but, in that monologue, so much is communicated about what it is to be human, to aspire, to live and to have hope.

When Foster sings "We're down here with the walls and you're up there with it all," it's incredibly moving.  Especially now.  2020 has been a year of walls (lockdowns, hate and human dignity denied) and it's inspiring to think that when we are at our best we can be so much better than we are. 

The song features beautiful vocals from Nancy Hynes that, not only seem to give voice to the cosmos, but create an emotional soundscape. 

As if the song weren't powerful enough, it has an animated video that packs a punch.  It takes the lyrical themes and brings us a sort of narrative that touches on aging, family and the state of the world.  It' s worth watching  -- it may be the best 5 minutes of your day.

The song is available at Ian Foster's Bandcamp page. His new album is due in 2021.

You can check out this, and other contemporary songs from Newfoundland, on my In Heavy Rotation YouTube playlist.
1. Intriguing in that, it captures my imagination and has encouraged thought and re-interpretation.


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