Favourite Newfoundland Christmas Music #2

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I love Christmas music. I also love the local art and music scene.  When those two things collide I’m an especially happy camper.  With that in mind, I compiled an ever-growing playlist of some of my favourite Newfoundland Christmas music.  It’s an ever growing list full of classics, original compositions and covers. 

The following are a few more of my favourites, and a little about them.

Song for a Winter's Night, Rum Ragged

Is Gordon Lightfoot's Song for a Winter Night a Christmas song?  When I first discovered it, I didn't think of it as such but, especially since there's a Sarah Machlachlan cover of it in the remake of Miracle of 34th Street, I suppose it fits into that category.  It gets played a lot at Christmas time at any rate and my new favourite version is by Newfoundland's Rum Ragged. It  appears on their Rum Ragged at Christmas collection.

Children's Winter, Celtic Connection

Written by Dermot O'Reilly of Ryan's Fancy, Children's Winter has become a Christmas classic in Newfoundland.  On the surface it's a simple, nostalgic song that paints the picture of the happiness winter brings to children.  It's tempered by the idea that singer no longer plays these games... and that when the  children 'climb up life's long hill, they are sure to meet some sorrow."  Memory is a bittersweet thing.  This version is by Celtic Connection and can be found on The Christmas Wish compilation by Avondale Music. 

Oh My Rudolph, The Once

One foggy Christmas Eve as a hero and suddenly it's years of Christmases away from the wife and kids... so goes the story in The Once's Oh My Rudolph. The song was written by Phil Churchill and Newfoundland music legend Jody Richardson.  The track is kinda epic.  It appears on This is a Christmas Album by The Once.

The Mummers Song/Any Mummer's Allowed In?, Simani

Is it even Christmas until someone plays 'The Mummer Song'?  Simani's Any Mummer's Allowed In? is so well-known at this point that it is just a part of the cultural landscape. I would go so far as to say,  I’ve gone so far as to say I think what most Newfoundlanders know of mummering has been shaped by this song.  It's hard to believe the song wasn't released until 1983.  Its success was probably helped by the Land and Sea episode Fortune Bay Christmas... which may have given us the best Newfoundland kitchen party music video ever.

Do You Hear What I Hear, RASA

Do You Hear What I Hear? is one of those songs that feels like it should be old, but it really isn't.  It was written in 1962 (as an appeal for peace during the Cuban Missile Crisis).  I always liked this song when I was a kid... I'm not sure why it resonated but Christmas feels like a time for nostalgia so I still listen to it now.  My current favourite version is by RASA and it's available on Avondale Music's Homebrew Christmas.


This is not an exhaustive list, by any means, in fact I have a lengthier one you can check out on YouTube and Apple Music.


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