Hanging in There

There is no shortage of reasons to be happy to see the end of 2020.  It was a challenging year on nearly every front -- socially, emotionally, physiologically and fiscally.  Everyday there was some new horror or nuance to the previous day's horror.  If you weren't feeling stress; you weren't paying attention.

I say this as a citizen of an island that, to date, has had greater success managing the spread of COVID-19 than a lot of other places.  Not only have we benefited from a low population and a lot of wide open spaces but also a population that has done a decent job following the direction of health authorities.  It's been mandatory to wear a mask in public spaces since August but I, and a lot of people I know, have been sporting them since last spring.  While I'm no fan of mask wearing, I'll gladly keep wearing it if it means I can gain back a more normal social/travel life because that's the sacrifice that stings.

I miss moving around the province and spending time with family and friends. I miss seeing things.  I miss doing things.  I've been perusing my old photos lately (and sharing some of them to Instagram).

I look forward to a time soon, when I feel I can really get out there again and not worry that I'm a vector of disease.  

I know that day will come again.  Hopefully soon.  


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