In Heavy Rotation: Saltwater Joys by Ofra Harnoy

It's not easy to make  Buddy Wasisname/Wayne Chaulk's "Saltwater Joys "sound fresh these days.  In the 30 year's since it appeared on their Flatout album it has been covered by everyone.  It is the bucolic ballad.  It is poetic, beautiful and relatable... but is there anyone who hasn't seen one-too-many six year-olds in their Sunday-best belt it out?  It's been done. Quite a bit.

Needless to say, I'm surprised to find a new version of the song popping up in my most-played tracks.  The version that has caught my attention is by cellist Ofra Harnoy  (with husband Mike Herriott, and daughter Amanda Cash).  It appears on Harnoy's 2020 release On The Rock.  It does an amazing job of honouring the original song while bringing, through Harnoy's cello, a new dynamic - it's the song we all know, rendered in a vibrant new way.  It's worth hearing.

You can check out "Saltwater Joys", and other contemporary songs from Newfoundland, on my In Heavy Rotation YouTube playlist.


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