About Me

I grew up in a tiny Newfoundland village called Happy Adventure. People said it was named by pirates. So, like any good child of the 80s, I spent my time imagining I was a Goonie. 

When I Ieft Happy Adventure I went to Memorial University in St. John's and spent years learning about Biology, Psychology and Education.  After I finished my formal education, my real learning began as I worked with fantastic people in small villages and bigger towns around the island.

Are You a Product of Newfoundland?

I live in Newfoundland and I love trivia and  folklore related to this place. At Product of Newfoundland (here and across the web) I share these passions with the world.

My first job had me teaching elementary school science.  While I'm not a teacher anymore, in many ways, I think it was the best job I ever had.  I got to make kids say 'Wow!' on a daily basis!  They were curious about the world and I loved developing interesting, meaningful ways to encourage them to explore their world.  One of my students told be that coming to my class was like learning with Ms. Frizzle.  To this day, I think it may be the best compliment I've ever recieved.  

Somewhere in there I started a blog. You might remember me, I started writing Product of Newfoundland about 15 years ago.  It became a bigger deal than I’d ever anticipated.  When it started to swallow my life, I retired the project.


But... I’m back at it again. This time it’s different though. No life-swallowing sense of obligation and a little more emphasis on me, my place in the world. I may even try to get in touch with my inner Ms. Frizzle again.

These days, my geographical place is Gander, NL and when I'm not writing, you might find me tweeting Newfoundland trivia (@NfldFactory), listening to Madonna records and still working with fantastic kids.

I'm often taking pictures but I don't consider myself a photographer -- I'm a blogger who wants images to support the text.  That said, I'm proud of some of the images I've captured and they've been used by the CBC, BBC, calendars and appeared in numerous books, magazines and websites.  Today they're mostly on Instagram.


My home team includes a partner of 18 years and two enthusiastically cuddly Labrador retrievers -- Cooper and Murphy.

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