My Tattoos


As I've noted, I get asked about my tattoos fairly frequently.

The number one question I get asked is how many tattoos do I have.  My stock response is it's easier, at this point, just to say I'm tattooed. Honestly, I don't know how many tattoos I have.  I'm not even sure how to count (eg. I got the murder weapons from the game Clue, is that one tattoo or six?).

My first tattoo was a Labrador retriever wearing a shirt and tie.  It was drawn from an image of my own dog and it really, really looks like him.  He's such a gentleman.  That tattoo, obviously, means something to me.  I do not have a deep and meaningful connection to most of the images.  I have some of them simply because they were a good shape to fill awkward gaps between other tattoos.

I sometimes joke that my tattoos have become some kind of nostalgic scrapbook. Many of them reflect things I liked as a child.

A Possibly Incomplete*
List Of My Tattoos
  • A Labrador retriever wearing a tie
  • Madonna's True Blue album cover portrait
  • A retro-futuristic rocket
  • A hand dragging a comet
  • A lion reading a book
  • A paper airplane
  • "YQX"
  • An astronaut
  • A space dog
  • Max from 'Where the Wild Things Are'
  • Burt Raccoon
  • Kermit the Frog
  • Falkor
  • "Lucky Star"
  • Typewriter 
  • The Clue game murder weapons
  • Product of Newfoundland logo
  • A swallow
  • A bear
  • An otter
  • The kraken/squid
  • Curious George
  • Zeus
  • A whale
  • "Pow"
  • A metal heart
  • A match
  • Cloud and scissors
  • Cloud and lightning bolt
  • The Loch Ness Monster
  • Skull and crossbones
  • Alan-A-Dayle with 'oo-de-lally' text
  • Lego blocks
  • A ghost
  • A bat
  • Gizmo the mogwai with 'rule' symbols
  • Cat and fiddle
  • Robert Indiana style 'LOVE'
  • A masked man
  • A UFO
  • A Twilight Zone inspired 'TV'
  • A magnet
  • 'Creation of Adam' hands
  • Keith Haring inspired dancers
  • Keith Haring heart
  • Heath Haring dogs
*Believe it or not, its easy to forget exactly the tattoos you have, especially if they are in places you can't easily see yourself.

I feel like, despite their popularity, there is a lot of animosity toward tattoos.  Quite often the subtext of most tattoo questions I get asked is -- do I regret them yet? No, I do not. 

Will I regret them tomorrow? Maybe, but I wouldn't bet on it.  And if I do have to deal with regret, I think I'd rather it be for the chances I took than all the times I played it safe.


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