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A Tuckamore Tangent

I've been looking deep into my digital photo archives lately, and sharing some of the images I've collected.  Last week I posted an old picture of  tuckamore on Instagram , and it started me thinking. Tuckamore Tuckamore are stunted, gnarled evergreen trees that, due to prevailing high winds, grow close to ground. They can be found throughout Newfoundland on barrens and exposed coast. Tuckamore, can cling to rock, survive where there is little-to-no soil and manage to hang on in a merciless gale. And not only do they hang on, they grow.  They are not so much beaten by the storm as shaped by it.  They cling low to the ground and twist their bodies to survive the strong coastal winds until, after years of growth they hardly resemble their forest counterparts... and that’s fantastic. They survive the onslaught by by embracing the reality of it, by growing to meet the challenge.  They are not beaten down by their tricky place in the world, they shape themselves to meet the challeng

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