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Capelin Scull: Let’s Roll With It

The capelin (or caplin) 1 are rolling.   Early every summer giant schools of these tiny fish move toward the coast of Newfoundland and throw themselves up on to the shore.  It's a spectacular natural event.  The sheer number of fish moving together and wriggling-up on shore is a sight to behold (and anyone visiting at the time should check it out). We call it capelin scull and it lives-up to its Goth-y name -- most of the capelin die. So, why do the capelin beach themselves? Like many life's crazy decisions, they do it for love.  Well, maybe not love. I don't know ,  I'm no expert on the vagaries of piscine passion but t hey seem to do it to mate. The female capelin come ashore to release their eggs on sandy and gravel beaches. The male capelin come to fertilize them. They die. It's the circle of life. 2 Rolling Capelin ( a riff on Sex on the Beach ) If you're 19+and inclined to responsibly imbibe a local beverage, consi

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