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Newfoundland Fog Facts

Season-by-season the Ode to Newfoundland , sings like some sort of musical weather forecast.  The sun gets mentioned, snow gets suggested, blinding storms and wild waves get name-checked but nowhere in there is a description of fog. How weird is that?    For my money, fog is the definitive Newfoundland weather phenomenon.  If you visit and you don't find yourself in a fog bank, at least once, I'm not sure you've really had the full Newfoundland experience , and you certainly won't understand our penchant for colourful houses.  Fog is part of the rhythm of life around here.   Fog can swallow a blue sky in minutes and turn a warm summer evening into a sweater and jacket affair faster than you can sigh about it. We've learned to live with it.  Argentia (on the Avalon Peninsula) gets over 200 days of fog a year and the Grand Banks is possibly the foggiest place on the planet !  What makes Newfoundland such a foggy place? Image by Treeman, CC by 2.5 . The reason for New

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Product of Newfoundland on YouTube.
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I don't need last names to know who Toni-Marie and Eddie are, and I can find my way from Happy Adventure to Misery Point in the fog. My morning comes a half hour earlier and any day without ‘RDF’ is good. I’ve seen a mummer, tasted toutons and know that bakeapples don't grow on trees because I’m a product of this place.